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3 Reasons Why Data Visualization is Mission Critical

Posted on July 25, 2016 by Dale Holmgren

Once, a decade or two ago, it was just called data.  And when it came to running a business, data was the report you got at the end of the month (or two weeks later). 

There wasn't as much of it to be had then.  And your competition had slightly more or slightly less of it than you did.  Those days are gone (and for your sake, I'm hoping that you're not just now realizing that).

We live in the age of massive amounts of data being created on a daily basis, the types of which we have never known before, and being generated at a blistering pace that doesn't appear to be subsiding.  Consequently, the business game has become a lot more competitive in the last five years.

That end of the month report doesn't cut it any longer. For a number of reasons.  One of which is the subject of this post.  It's the form of those reports to which this blog takes exception.  If you're still consuming tabular reports, even ones upgraded with static graphics, you're soon to be fossilized.  Mounted in the Smithsonian next to that green and white computer print out stock paper. 

What you need, is data, well visualized.  Here's why you need to modernize your enterprise reporting.

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