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Learn Powershell in 5 (More) Painless Steps: Data - Movement

Posted on March 16, 2017 by Cole McDonald

We've dealt with what types of data we can store in increasingly complex ways. It's time to start dealing with a discussion of "we've got it, what can I do with it? Let's start with the basics of object oriented programming.  An object is an instance of a class.   OOP, there it is!

If we think of our programs we're writing in terms of a series of blocks of code which accepts specific types of data in, does stuff to them, then hands them off to another block of code to do more stuff with, the method of moving that data becomes important. If it's all within a single computer, huge custom objects can be made and stuffed into a variable and that variable can be passed between each of the blocks of code to work on just the pieces of information it needs to do its specific job.

Learn Powershell in 5 (More) Painless Steps: Data - Storage

Posted on March 06, 2017 by Cole McDonald
In our previous series on learning Powershell, the very first topic of discussion was the storage of data.  In my opinion, the 2 most important things in computing are interface and data structure.  As developers, our interface to the data is using varible naming conventions that make sense.  Each of us have a personal style, but using descriptive names for our variables serves us when we inevitably have to revisit our own code a year from now.  Comments, variable names, and formatting make it easier to get back to work rather than spending time figuring out what we were thinking a year ago.
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