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Office 365: Stay in the game and stay agile

Posted on October 17, 2017 by Molly Burgess

Just like a sports game, companies have to train hard, use the latest technologies and strategies to out play their opponent and keep their rankings.

In today’s market place, businesses are moving so fast it’s hard to keep pace with new trends and technologies. Customers are more demanding, orders need to be fulfilled at an even more on time rate and knowledge workers need to be able to do their job anyplace, anytime.

Modern, connected companies require their employees to be flexible. They work in cars, buses, subways, coffee shops, airports and more. They are in and out of calls and spaces, shifting from one place to the next. With this movement comes a need for technology and collaboration tools they use to access their work on all their devices.

Beyond Impact, a Gold Cloud Solution Provider, can provide businesses with a complete set of tools through the Microsoft Office 365 suite that keep businesses flexible and agile, driven toward a defined growth path. Office 365 allows people in all regions to access data at any time. From files in SharePoint to One Drive, all with appropriate access and security levels built in.

It’s incredible that in a connected company, a multi-national team can host a meeting in Dubai with members in three different continents. They use Skype for Business to share their screen to watch a presentation and video conference. They access shared files on One Drive and SharePoint, and keep all their tasks organized in Planner. They’re always connected and informed in Microsoft Teams. It’s a fine-tuned machine that operates like they were sitting next to each other in one office.

This is the company of the future. Well connected and collaborating as one unit, from an office on the east coast to the middle east. Just like top athletes, these companies stay ahead of the game through collaboration and cutting edge digital transformation.


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