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How To NOT "Make IT Better"

Jul 28, 2015 3:08:57 PM / by Jaren Grenell

Our key mission at Beyond Impact is to focus on “Making IT Better” in every situation. This is not just a saying; it’s a way of living. One of the toughest things anyone can commit to is to try and make IT better wherever life takes them.

Everyone’s goal should be to leave things better off than when they arrived. It’s something that is heard consistently around the world of business and leadership development, but not many people have become masters at “Making IT Better”. What about flipping the switch on this? What is the key to NOT “Making IT Better?”

Let’s take a hard look at a few examples of how we can, knowingly or subconsciously, really mess things up.

No one wants to associate with a Negative Nancy. There has never been a situation that was made better by negativity. It’s easy to look at circumstances and see what’s wrong, but it takes a unique perspective to see where the positives may be and capitalize to make things better.

Excuses never made anyone better. Not taking ownership of your situation leads to a consistent feeling of regression. You will be stuck. Start to realize & be aware of your role in where you are. Make progress, don’t make excuses.

Vision produces passion. If you have no goals to aim for, you’ll end up running in circles until you feel lost. A lack of purpose is crippling, and it’s not fun to be around. Goals & dreams will keep perspective of what is ahead, making it easier to bring your best to every day life.

Teamwork makes the dream work. If you want to fail, alienate yourself and try to do everything. A lonely leader is never a healthy leader. If you want to make things better in your sphere of influence, bring people around you that make YOU better, so you can make IT better.

Everyone wants to be heard… only few want to listen. If you want to mess things up around you, be the person that always has something to say. You know, your opinion is the only thing that matters anyway, right? It’s so important to listen and really pay attention to the situation before blurting out potential fixes. It’s impossible to make anything better while always trying to project your views and what you think should be done. Sit back, take it in, and listen to what people have to say.

Do any of these make sense to you? What are some other things that would be a roadblock to “Making IT Better”?

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Jaren Grenell

Written by Jaren Grenell

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