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Paradigm Shifts in Business Intelligence: Can You See It?

May 15, 2015 11:08:42 AM / by Mike Hartke

Earlier this week, we hosted another in our series of Business Intelligence related discussions. We had a great presentation from BI expert, Teal Derheim, and the attendees asked a lot of wonderful questions.

Teal's presentation shed light on what is available for the Business to generate their own Business Intelligence quickly and inexpensively. However, this is still a big change for most organizations and most will find they need an outside firm to come in and act as change agents for the transition of Business Intelligence.

As you might expect, IT has normally been tasked with delivering Business Analytics out of their Data Warehouse and giving the Business the information and reports they need to deliver their products, services, what have you. Traditionally, the Business asks for large complex sets of data because they are not quite sure what IT will be able to give them or when they will be able to justify the expense of getting custom analytics again, so they ask for everything under the sun in an effort to get more than they need. That way they will have a large amount of data at their disposal they can sift through later. The process is often slow and inefficient. In these instances, (which is most of the time), both parties are frustrated and unhappy. They are unhappy that they are asking for unreal amounts of custom analytics that the EDW just can't spit out unless a lot of development work is done. Or they are unhappy that the information they have waited so long for is out of date and really contains way more than they could ever digest. I don't know about you but when I add:

Unhappy + Unhappy... This equals Poor morale, lost productivity, & dysfunction

Now, in come these new and emerging tools for Business Intelligence. Tableau, Office 365/ Excel, Power BI, etc. all promise and deliver on quick & easy to use Business Intelligence that the Business themselves can initiate and deliver for a fraction of the cost of traditional BI services out of ITThese services are delivered in days, not months or years, and in Thousands of dollars not hundreds of thousands to millions. However, this leads to a big paradigm shift within your organization. You may find that IT is unwilling to give up any control of their data. You may find that the business is reluctant to take on the added responsibility thinking that if the IT people can't do it, how can I? You may have even gone down this path and are sitting on licenses for tools you aren't using because someone tried it, only to find they didn't have the power users on staff to accomplish what they started.

So... where do you go from here? Beyond Impact can act as Agents of Change for your organization. We can do everything to initiate and deliver this paradigm shift in your company, from helping IT do an assessment of the available tools and recommend which ones might be right for your company, to training the "Power Business User" to alleviate the frustrations that come with learning new technologies and procedures.  Finally, we excel in working with Senior Leadership & Finance to determine how to fund Business Intelligence initiatives moving forward.

At each step along the Business Intelligence path, Beyond Impact will be there to help guide and come alongside everyone in your company to create a more dynamic, functional, and stress-free BI workspace. This is out commitment. We are passionate about making IT better.

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Mike Hartke

Written by Mike Hartke

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