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Build Your Power BI Sandbox

Apr 9, 2018 1:20:38 PM / by Robert Gerads

Play in the Power BI Sandbox

Growing up in a small town near Lake Mille Lacs, a good 90-minutes north of the Twin Cities, much of my learning as a little boy happened in a sandbox. Not the giant plastic turtle you see in Walmart today. Rather, an oversized wood structure filled with sand and a collection of old metal Tonka Trucks. I would spend the summer days building roads, bridges, castles, and rivers. I engineered high-security prisons for frogs I caught. I threw sand at my older brother and occasionally we tangled with a garden hose, much to my mother's displeasure. Every night I'd come in for dinner covered head to toe in dirt. Little did I realize, I spent those long summer days learning physics and engineering in the sandbox. I've always learned by just digging in. My childhood story really has nothing to do with Power BI - it simply points out the fact we can learn so much more when we get our hands dirty


Power BI One Week Training
Free Power BI Learning

There is some valuable free online training in the marketplace -  but nothing can replace digging into your own data. Building real solutions that solve real challenges facing your company. Beyond Impact has designed a simple solution for this. It's a one-week, instructor-led training designed to expedite your teams Power BI learning.

 "using your own data... is the quickest way to realize success with Power BI"

Use your own data

Using your own data is the quickest way to realize success with Power BI. Period. This one-week training is centered on building and exploring your company's data. That's what makes this training truly unique in the marketplace.

Play in the Power BI sandbox

Sandbox Power BI dashboards are where attendees will spend most of their time during the Power BI one-week training. A sandbox Power BI dashboard allows you to build actual reports and learn as you go. Getting your hands dirty with the guidance of a real data architect, who deploys actual Power BI solutions, is what expedites the learning curve. Use the sandbox to build a foundation for converting these to final, enterprise Power BI dashboards that your company can utilize to make better decisions.  

Don’t worry about the number of attendees

Nobody gets left out of the sandbox. Much of the Power BI training today is priced per seat. Someone has to decide if it’s worth the time/money for you to attend. Our training is specifically crafted for as many attendees as you need, no price per seat. We know the more people that leverage Power BI, the more successful your company will be. It’s a blend of classroom learning with hands-on department building. This flexibility makes it possible for attendees to come and go as your schedule allows. 

Think outside the sandbox

We encourage our kids to think outside the box. The sandbox is the perfect place for that. If your thinking to yourself, "we don't need a full week", my challenge to you is to step outside the box and quantify how many hours your analysts have spent researching a that Power BI problem? Is it time to consider a new approach? What if your analysts learned directly from our architect, the foundations and that problem they have.

Build with the future in mind

Ending the week, your team will have a series of sandbox dashboards as well as a full deployment guide to assist your team beyond the training. Power BI adoption will be spreading. It's impossible to build a data-culture in just one week - but Beyond Impact can be a resource to guide your team through the challenges of improving data literacy and maximizing KPI returns.  

"nothing can replace digging your hands into your own data..."

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Data is a tremendous asset. Leverage Power BI to unlock the potential. We can be the catalyst to help expedite your company’s success with our One-week Power BI Training. Contact us now, we're excited for you to get your hands dirty. I’m a firm believer in sandbox learning, which is why I built my three young boys a similar timber sandbox. They're learning the same life skills I did as a boy and playing with the same old Tonka trucks – maybe with a little more rust.

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Robert Gerads

Written by Robert Gerads

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