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Three Reasons Why Common Data Service (CDS) Matters

Aug 23, 2018 12:01:16 PM / by Jerry Nelson

What is Common Data Service?

Common Data Service is a cloud-based data storage and management system that standardizes your data across business applications like Dynamics 365, Office 365, mobile apps, and Power BI. 

Your data is stored in standard (or customized) entities, similar to how a table stores data in database. If you use Common Data Service, your suite of business applications feed data predictably to these entities, allowing simple data sharing, data mining, and business intelligence.




Why would I use CDS?

Data Integration

Integrated data plays a crucial role in powerful analytics. CDS ensures that all your business application data is shared between applications. Instead of hours of manual ETL setup with complicated cross-connecting or data push/pulls, CDS fully integrates your applications’ data in one location. Analytics are then as simple as opening a dataset.

Application Creation

Data management and security are simple in CDS. Share data with your organization as you need, using role-based security to ensure only the right users have access to the data. Leverage rich metadata for your full range of PowerApps. Custom applications deployed in Azure can access to your CDS, further integrating your systems. Powerful data connectors make mapping to data quick and easy.


Fast Analytics 

Skip the slow data refresh using Common Data Service. The central location ensures fast data performance. CDS offers a wide range of standard analytic information securely stored, organized, and easily shareable among your business stakeholders.


What’s my next step?

CDS will improve your business' efficiency and save you time. Your IT team can skip manual data processing and complicated ETL logic. As a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics and Cloud Platform, we can guide your CDS journey with practical experience. The best way to deploy CDS is to start with an Architecture Design Session with our Data Management team. Moving to standardized data structure has powerful results.



Jerry Nelson is CTO at Beyond Impact. He is instrumental in understanding client pains,
finding sustainable solutions, and navigating an ever changing technology landscape.
He is a strong partner for business and technology. Usually he's found riding a motorcycle. 


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Jerry Nelson

Written by Jerry Nelson

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