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Recursive SCOM Subgroup Member function

Aug 18, 2017 11:04:44 AM / by Cole McDonald

Sounds Fancy!  The problem I was having was that SCOM doesn't have a default way to look at all of the members of a group/subgroup tree in a convenient way.  The Get-SCOMGroup cmdlet doesn't have an option to recursively search any subgroups it finds.  It requires all kids of clunky Powershell to enumerate all of that if you need it.  I needed it.

Here's the function I came up with for getting at that information.  It takes a group name and returns an array of class instances to make it even more convenient to use in a workflow.  Normal disclaimer for my code: I use backticks to make it easier to read the code since I often have to present it to others.  If you have to change the code at all, keep in mind that there are line continuation backticks.



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