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Garbage Collection in Powershell to Speed Scripts

Apr 25, 2018 12:50:46 PM / by Cole McDonald posted in powershell, automation, loops, devops


I've recently produced a couple of scripts that produce large, in memory objects that they're storing out to a CSV file as they go.  My thread counts for Powershell are running high as I'm looping through several instances of these larger objects.  Although my CPU and Memory are fine per the Resource Manager, the script is running very slowly and the thread count continues to rise.

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Learn Powershell in 5 Painless Steps - Loops

Feb 6, 2017 1:00:00 PM / by Cole McDonald posted in how to, 5 painless steps, powershell, loops, scripting, programming


DevOps = Developers + Operations.  What if you're in Operations and don't have a developer at your disposal?  That should never stop you from making your job easier and more efficient.  Powershell is a scripting language from Microsoft that is already on your Windows PC and Servers and more recently, open sourced to the OSX and Linux communities.  It ships with a great minimalist development environment (Powershell ISE). 
The problem is that all of the tutorials out there either assume a background in scripting and programming, or act as nothing more than command references.  I'm hoping to enable you to automate your own workflows even if you've never programmed before.  You only need to learn 5 things: Storage, Input, Output, Decisions, Loops.  Everything you do manually is made up of these 5 things.  Every programming language is made up of these 5 things.
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