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Your Marketing Data is Useless. Here's Why:

Aug 23, 2018 9:29:06 AM / by Jack Swift posted in Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data, Marketing, Social Media, Data Visualization, Power BI, Excel Analtyics, Data Analytics


This dashboard probably looks very familiar to you. You might have five or six dashboards you’re watching for ebbs and flows, spikes and surges. Maybe you have a very advanced process that involves downloading data into Excel and mashing different channels together. But that doesn’t sound very advanced, does it? Manual data entry? Staring at four online dashboards, commenting on "this one is up, or this is down"? There’s nothing advanced here. It doesn’t tell you how people responded, how their interactions lead to anything. Do you let your marketing data impact future creative decisions? If it's not producing marketing intelligence, your marketing data is completely useless.

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Customer Success Story: Marketing Intelligence with Power BI

Apr 25, 2018 1:12:43 PM / by Robert Gerads posted in Analytics, Business Intelligence, Content Marketing, Data, Marketing, Power BI, Excel Analtyics, Data Analytics


"Last night, we had a happy hour to celebrate burning Joe's Excel spreadsheet."

Those were the exact words out of the mouth of the Director of Marketing at a global med-tech company based in Minneapolis. Just a few months earlier, Beyond Impact helped deploy a Marketing Intelligence Solution leveraging Power BI to migrate an Excel spreadsheet that essentially ran the entire Retail Marketing division. This Excel spreadsheet was held together with duct-tape and elbow grease, leading the client to say, "there has to be a better way to work with our marketing reports." 

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5 Great Tools To Boost Social Media Marketing

Jul 8, 2015 2:36:30 PM / by Jaren Grenell posted in Analytics, Content Marketing, Marketing, Social Media, Strategy


The reign of social media is firmly upon us. Think about this, you cannot go anywhere with anyone and not be influenced in some way by social campaigns. At the baseball game, out to eat at that new thai restaurant, or even the dreaded trip to the dentist (insert dentist horror story here), social media is wreaking havoc on the world around us. I mean, when is the last time you watched a TV commercial without a “#HASHTAG” at the end…? Exactly my point.

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