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Using MomCertImport.exe  in a Powershell Workflow to Automate Certificate Deployment on SCOM Gateways

Nov 9, 2017 7:58:21 AM / by Cole McDonald

In my continuing efforts to fully automate a SCOM environmental deployment, I've been tackling how to go about automating registering the SCOM gateways to the Management Server Pool.  I've got most of the process done, but the certificate registration has tried to elude me as the MOMcertImport tool doesn't work directly from Powershell.  Luckily, Powershell allows us to work around that using the Start-Process cmdlet to run an executable application in its own cmd.exe instance.
This requires that during the install, you're copying the MOMCertImport.exe file into your installed Gateway directory on your Gateway Server.  It also assumes that you've already acquired a .pfx file from a Certificate Authority and placed it somewhere useful.
WIthout further ado, here's the way to run MOMCertImport from Powershell (as always, note the backticks for readability):
$appPath = 'C:\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager\Gateway\MOMCertImport.exe'
$args = @(
    "/password yourCertPassHere"
Start-Process `
    -FilePath $appPath `
    -verb runas `
    -Wait `
    -ArgumentList $args


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